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Negative feedback from mana_mihara on Sat, 11 Feb 2012 23:41:47 -0600 for this transaction: I bought from iza_7.

I commissioned artwork of Shiny Lilligant in Feb. 2011 and have never received anything. No contact, no anything. Very upset.

Neutral feedback from growly on Thu, 26 Jan 2012 21:03:46 -0600 for this transaction: I bought from iza_7.

I commissioned this user for a fairly substantial amount of artwork on Feb 2, 2011. He claimed it would take "a week and a half to 2 weeks tops". I was a little skeptical, such low prices, quality artwork, and fast turnaround, so when it took longer than the time quoted, I wasn't worried at first. He made a post saying he was moving and things would be delayed a little bit, no problem.

However, more time went by without hearing a peep from him, despite my asking at least once about my commission... I had to make a public community post in March, asking for help contacting him. Finally got a reply out of him in May, got excuses (actually it was all three of the classic excuses rolled into one). Said the paintings would be done in about two weeks.

So, the next month I contacted him again for an update. His reply implied the paintings were done and that all that needed to happen was the freebie stickers. He said he was actively working on them later that week.

The next month (this is now July 9th, 2011), I asked for some kind of WIP shot of anything, even if it was a webcam photo. By July 20th, I still hadn't heard anything, so I emailed again, asking for either proof the images were being worked on (I had seen absolutely nothing at all to prove these were being worked on, despite asking from the very beginning before I paid, if I could see sketches before they were painted) or a refund.
He replied and promised to send a refund by that Monday if he wasn't done by then, I agreed to those terms.

Monday came and went without any word, so on Wednesday I gave him my Paypal address and asked for a full refund or risk a negative. I ended up finally getting a refund on July 29th, 2011.

I am glad I got my refund, but I feel like I was strung along the entire time and possibly lied to, since I never saw any proof the art was being worked on at all in that 5 month span. If I had realized I was basically giving him an interest-free 5 month loan, I would have saved my money for a more reputable artist.

Negative feedback from shadoweon on Fri, 6 Jan 2012 19:16:25 -0600: I bought from iza_7.

I purchased a slot for custom-made stickers from, this user in January 2011.

After reminding this user a couple times about this through-out the year of 2011,he eventually stopped replying.All I got was a link to the digital files,after much nagging. Useless user,very frustrated and disappointed with them. All I ever got was excuses when this user did reply to my messages.

Negative feedback from feedback_king_n on Sun, 1 Jan 2012 06:14:52 -0600: I bought from iza_7.

[originally left by nightmare_chan2 on 2011-07-07]

I purchased a premade Chandelure/Lampent/Litwick Painting along with some bonus stickers that were included in the initial bid from Iza_7 on February 9th 2011. The thread is here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/8315952.html?thread=237744432#t237744432

Later I had found that same piece on deviantart and commented with how much I adored it. When Iza replied on March 3rd, I was a little distant from deviantart due to work issues and when I came back on March 20th I saw how long ago the reply was and that I still hadn't gotten the painting. I asked Iza if it had been sent and their reply in the same day informed me that his life had grown busy. He promised that he would ship the premade item first so I knew it wouldn't take that long and I was understanding of the stickers taking some time.

That conversation can be seen here: http://pics.livejournal.com/nightmare_chan2/pic/000y1ptr

Another month later... still no painting. I threadjack in the original auction thread on April 17th (as seen in my first link) and I got a PM sent back to me as a reply. Iza explains how busy he's been - one of his excuses was the exact same as last month's but what really killed my patience was the fact that he was promising the EXACT SAME THING he had promised me before. I was frank and explained to him that the lack of communication has gotten to me, that he promised me that a month ago, and to keep me better informed. He replied, apologizing and letting me know that he'd contact me when the painting was sent.

This can be seen here: http://pics.livejournal.com/nightmare_chan2/pic/000y25t3

It isn't until the middle of May that I receive my painting just when I was gearing up to confront them again - only to discover we were very close to each other. No note was ever sent to me to be on the look out for my painting, and we lived a state away - close enough that it's a two day mail route during the week. :/

11 weeks after that conversation I have not gotten my stickers. No WIP, sketches, or even a comment/PM/message/deviantart message/nothing about the status of them. Yesterday I confronted them about this, asking for a status update. They replied quickly, and gave me another list of "I've been busy excuses" and how they just now got the materials to make the stickers when I see over a few weeks ago they had told another member that they just got the means to make stickers. I was confused why I hadn't been contacted, why I haven't been shown anything, and I want the transaction to end and that I am wanting to leave negative feedback. While Iza replied with a link to see my commissioned stickers he didn't provide me with the apology I was looking for after once again being left out to dry in waiting for an update from this user - after I had told him before that he needed to keep better communication with me.

This conversation can be seen here: http://pics.livejournal.com/nightmare_chan2/pic/000y3241

I replied back after I had grabbed the screens, asking if he really thought 11 weeks without any communication to someone who he took money from was an adult decision and that I would be leaving negative feedback.

This user has MORE then disappointed me, and it sucks that after fighting every tooth and nail for that painting that they didn't even get it in their head how much I wanted communication and went 11 weeks without a single message - even after a handful of users had requested communication as well. I initiated contact every time, every time he had a string of excuses, and I am quite frankly done with being pulled around. I'm not even excited for my stickers at this point with how much this artist has frustrated me. While he is fast to reply it's amazing that he can't shed a few seconds to go "Hey! Just letting you know you're not forgotten and that I am still working on your stuff." :/

Negative feedback from feedback_king_n on Sun, 1 Jan 2012 06:12:59 -0600: I bought from iza_7.

[originally left by roxiexcore on 2011-06-10]

In February of 2011, iza_7 held an auction for a few premade paintings and custom stickers.
This thread can be seen here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/8315952.html
I won the premade painting of Scolipede for $40 and was told I would have custom stickers made for me as a bonus. I sent payment promptly after the auction's end and was told I would be contacted when they were finished/shipped out, as can be seen here: http://img822.imageshack.us/img822/8271/iza71.png

Months later, I still had not received the painting, nor had I heard from iza_7 at all regarding it. I sent them a message asking what was up, and they told me they were having trouble printing the stickers, but if all else failed, they would ship the painting out and the stickers later, before they moved again. The date is not shown in this screenshot as I deleted the original message and grabbed this from my sent messages -- but as it shows, it was 7 weeks from today that I contacted them: http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/1156/iza72.png

On May 23rd, five weeks after that, growly posted to the community (http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9243918.html) asking if anyone had heard from iza_7, as they were in the same position I am in. mana_mihara also commented on the entry with the same predicament, as well as nightmare_chan2, though her issue had been resolved. I sent iza_7 a message asking what was up again, and they assured me that they would have the painting sent out within two weeks.

Two weeks after that, I still had not heard from them. I sent them a message about a day ago asking once again what going on, and they replied to tell me that again, they had not printed the stickers, and would ship the painting separately. I replied to them saying that I would leave negative feedback and contact Gin if the item is not shipped soon. Here's a screenshot of that message, the one from two weeks ago and the one from yesterday (all in one conversation): http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/512/iza73.png

I am... honestly, I am so disappointed and hurt by this. I have never had to deal with someone stringing me along for an item to be shipped for so long. I can understand that life can bog someone down and delay shipping, but to wait for four months for a premade item that you already have in-hand (not including the stickers) is absurd. I'm also rather upset that iza_7 never once initiated contact with me; I always had to "track them down," so to speak, only to be handed various excuses and never receive anything in return. I am not angry, and I feel very bad to leave this negative for them, but this poor service is somewhat inexcusable.

I will follow up on this feedback regarding what happens.

EDIT: It has taken me months to write this follow-up to my negative feedback because that is how long it has taken me to come to what can be called a "resolution" to this problem.

Seemingly true to his word, iza_7 did ship the painting out after that message, and I received it in a timely manner.

However, the custom stickers have not been completed, nor will they be.

I have been trying since June to contact iza regarding the custom stickers that were included with the auction -- to no avail. He ignored my messages on Livejournal and deviantART until July 29th, at which point he said they would be finished in a week or so after another excuse of being sick and being out of town. I wrote it off as plausible and went on waiting.

He continued to ignore my messages on Livejournal, deviantART, Twitter, and Tumblr until November 3rd, where he replied to me saying that he would not be able to finish them any longer -- once again citing excuses and saying that he had not been responding to me out of guilt of not doing the stickers. From being too busy and too out of place in life -- however, during this time frame, he had been updating his Tumblr incredibly frequently with sketches and posts. Why, then, was it so hard to sit down and draw a few Pokemon? I would not have minded even if they had been just digital sketches and not stickers. But he refused to speak to me and work anything out. It takes less than two minutes to sit down and write someone a message, whereas it takes many more to sit down and draw a sketch on the computer. So why did it take him from July until November to tell me that he would not be doing them?

As of right now, my compensation for nine months of chasing him down and asking about things that were so simple to do and ship, is a digital sketch. That's it. Nine months of wondering where my item was, of trying to contact him, of trying to get my owed customs. This follow-up probably seems very grudge-y, and in truth, it probably is. Because I am upset. I am angry. I am hurt. But most of all, I'm just tired of this.

It's a shame, because he has talent. His style of art is really wonderful. But I cannot advise enough that members should beware of iza_7 at all costs. His constant stream of excuses and lack of contact, plus the act of ignoring me simply because he felt guilty, is deplorable. Please do NOT do business with this member.

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