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Neutral feedback from growly on Thu, 26 Jan 2012 20:42:54 -0600 for this transaction: I participated in a GA with jaimonster.

Jaimonster and OmgitsLPH ran a group auction and a lot of strange things happened, including unknown shipping delays due to a non-paying bidder that nobody was informed about, apparently the GA runners were actually late paying the seller, and we the participants were on radio silence for close to a month without updates.
Jaimonster was kind enough to cover most of the shipping to us as an apology, and I got a tracking number on my package as per my request, also appeciated, but I was really uncomfortable with all the strange things going on behind the scenes of this GA. I think this thread says it all: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/10861386.html?thread=344992842#t344992842

I finally got my item around 49 days after paying for it. It was in perfect shape and I am grateful, but I would think twice before working with these two again.

Neutral feedback from aleyina on Mon, 23 Jan 2012 20:27:50 -0600 for this transaction: I participated in a GA with jaimonster.

This is a neutral because they realized their mistakes and paid for the shipping from omgitslph to the participants. That was very kind of them and appreciated.

I participated in a GA run by omgitslph and jaimonster in November. This was the most unorganized/drawn out domestic GA I have participated in sadly :( 2 months for a domestic item.
I wouldn't have been so upset if there was some form of communication throughout somewhere. I had to keep commenting or PMing to get updated.I once even went to the owner of the lot.
I finally got my item after much delay and an almost escalated paypal dispute. (the item wasn't the same one stated, but at this point I don't care) and am happy this is finally over with.

1 person didn't pay so they didn't pay for the lot, the seller couldn't ship til after xmas, they get the items but then leave for a trip, items were shipped but returned 4 or 5 days after (the P.O isn't that fast about it lol) then finally got it. Phew! @__@

Negative feedback from feedback_king_n on Thu, 5 Jan 2012 01:04:50 -0600: I sold to jaimonster.

[originally left by nekokatsu on 2009-09-15]

On Sept. 10th (a Thursday) he left me a comment asking about five Human PokeKids in my sales post, asking if I'd be willing to hold them while he checked if he already owned them. My sales policies stated that I'd be willing to hold for up to 24hours, with some exceptions- so of course, I agreed to hold.

He then commented, "Thanks!
Can you please hold them until monday? We are in between moving/preparing for our local anime con where we will be selling our charms, so we will have some money. The problem is that we dont know how much we will have, XD.

If you cant hold till monday, how does Late Saturday sounds?"

I had reservations at this point, but said that if he could guarantee that he would purchase them by late Saturday, I'd be willing to hold them. I figured it was only a couple more days. It is now Sept 14th, and I've just heard from him. Sure enough, I heard nothing on Saturday. Now he says that he ended up buying the kids at the con, but is still willing to buy one of them? I honestly don't know. I plainly expressed that he shouldn't have bought them if he had said he'd buy them from someone else, but alas, he did.

Here's the thread- I'm too annoyed to describe this more:

From this point forward, I won't be selling to him unless he pays straight up, if at all.

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