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Negative feedback from chickadee115 on Sun, 23 Sep 2012 22:12:30 -0500 for this transaction: I bought from jeansama.

I purchased a few jirachi items from her. A can badge, a clear kid and a suki doll. She said she would send it me within the week and I never heard from this buyer again. I contacted several times to notify her and try to get an explanation as to why I hadn't received my items and only when I sent an email telling them I would make a claims statement with paypal did they finally get back to me claiming that she had a "mental condition" and because of it "I fell really terrible that I just cannot seem to keep track of this kind of stuff... it's why I stopped selling to begin with." I find this completely unprofessional. If she closed her shop for this reason and knew that she could not keep up her business then she should have forewarned me before stating that she /would/ sell me the items listed in her sales post. After I opened the claims I tried to get in contact with her again to try and refund my money and she did not respond to any of the messages again. Luckily paypal must have had the same problem getting in touch with her because I was finally rewarded and refunded my money back. Will NOT purchase items from this buyer ever again.

Negative feedback from tamago226 on Wed, 27 Jun 2012 22:37:20 -0500: I traded with jeansama.

I had a long transaction with jeansama, in which we bought from and traded with each other several times. I sent out my end of the goods in December 2011, and I have yet to see ANY of my items.

The initial transaction was on July 24, 2011, in which I bought a few magnets and a card. Since that date, we traded and bought from each other over the next few months, and I honestly cannot recall exactly how many transactions there were, are exactly what I bought and on what dates, though I have a rough idea.

Eventually everything was settled and we worked out a sort of partial trade for everything. I sent out my part in December 2011, as stated above, and though I don't remember exactly when we ironed everything out I remember feeling bad for taking so long to send out my part.

After that, I waited about a month with no show of my items. I contacted jeansama in January 2012, and our conversation was short and sweet:

> > Hi there!
> >
> > I was wondered if you shipped out my sales items yet, or if you received my end? I sent your stuff around a month ago, but I haven't seen or heard from you in a long time, so I'm getting a tad worried. ^^;; Just let me know what's up!
> >
> > Thanks!
> >
> > Tamago

--- jeansama wrote:
> Heeey! I'm sorry, I meant to get back to you but I stupidly read your message and then totally forgot ; v ; I did get your things, and I still haven't sent out yours because I've been super busy with this new job. I'm going to try to send it off on Friday (the only reason it's time-consuming is because all of my stuff is in a bunch of different boxes and I'm not sure what exactly is where thanks to having to hastily clean up a few times).

It's no problem hun, I just wanted to hear from you! <33 Take your time, but keep me updated if you can. I'm starting a new job too, so I understand how it is. <33

Thanks a bunch for the reply!


I was rather lenient because I had no reason at that point to think otherwise, and I'm normally very lenient with shipping times anyway, so I let it go.

Another two months passed, no contact, no items. I sent the following message:

"Hey there,

It's been about two months since I contacted you, and I haven't seen anything about my package even though you said you would try to mail it out. Please let me know what's going on soon! I'm very eager to get all those items from you!



I was rather annoyed at this point, but again let it go. People have lives, and people get busy.

Another month passed, and again no items or contact. At this point I was getting tired of having to worry about this transaction and just wanting my items, so I sent the following message:


I sent you a message a month ago asking about the status of my items. I have received neither a reply nor my items. I'm getting very frustrated and antsy because many of those items that I ordered I will have a hard time finding again. I know I take a long time to ship things out, so I'm in hardly a position to criticize, but it's been around nine months since the initial transaction, and I sent out your items around four months ago.

Please reply to me ASAP about these items, because I really would like to get them. If you don't respond to me within a week or if I don't receive my goods/confirmation you mailed my stuff out within two weeks, I will leave negative feedback.



It's been well over two weeks, and still jeansama has not contacted me and I have not received my items.I'm very lax when it comes to receiving packages, but it's nearing one year since the original transaction. I feel very hurt by this whole ordeal and just want my items.

EDIT: It's been another year, and guess what? No items. I've contacted jeansama multiple times through various other social media outlets, just asking them to e-mail me, with very few responses. They never e-mailed me in spite of me giving them my address, and every time I find them on one website, they eventually disappear and become active somewhere else.

Even if they come back to pkmncollectors, do not ever buy from this member. It is obvious they cannot handle the stress of shipping out a package, even when given two years.

Negative feedback from jadekitty777 on Mon, 28 May 2012 03:40:49 -0500: I participated in a GA with jeansama.

Attempted to contact Jeansama multiple times regarding final payment for the Vaporeon_07 GA, At least 3 PMs, three posts to the community and even sent one e-mail. No contact given in return.

Neutral feedback from feedback_king_n on Thu, 5 Jan 2012 00:38:04 -0600: I sold to jeansama.

[originally left by poizenkat on 2010-10-24]

Jeansama made an offer on my mwt umbreon canvas on october 15th ($60 if you're curious XD) and i accepted and promptly gave them the shipping price. they also asked for pictures, and i gave them one as my good camera is broken currently.
They had no problem with the item and asked if i could find out how much insurance was. As well as that they asked about cards (i have many many cards XD) and then later on said that they'd rather wait for more cards instead (not sure what they meant, it kinda confused me DX) a soon as i found out how much insurance would be, i replied with the price.
Jeansama decided that "One's popped up on Ebay that looks a little nicer and is a little bit cheaper." today, october 24th and did not want to continue with the transaction, and as well as that wanted to give me a list of pokemon so that i may look through my cards to see if i have some good ones. I notified the user that i would be giving negative feedback, as offers are serious especially since i had to go to the post office to look up insurance costs (its hard for me to get there DX)and that im not sure about looking for the cards since i wouldnt know if they're serious or not about wanting them.
they also offered compensation for the time it took in exchange for not leaving negative feedback. i accepted the offer, but said that i would leave a neutral feedback instead. as well as that, i feel that any negative experience should be recounted just in case the user is 'bribing' others.

i know this is usually for negative feedbacks, well to some they'd probably leave a negative for this and i was going to until they made an offer to compensate me for time and work

Positive feedback from chibi_flare on Tue, 3 Jan 2012 23:07:46 -0600: I bought from jeansama.

Bought: zoroa plush + N card sleve

A little slow with communication and shipping, but it was all fine. :3 Very friendly and let me know how things where when they could. Would definitely buy from them again. :D

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