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Negative feedback from eupheee on Mon, 14 May 2018 07:16:47 -0500 for this transaction: I bought from koujakai.

I oredered two figures from the user in December and they have never arrived. As more than 2 months from the order date passed, I tried to contact the user via their sales post page and PM with no results. After that I had to contact the user via PayPal and there was no response either. The dispute had to be opened.

Negative feedback from doryphish333 on Sat, 7 Apr 2018 15:31:23 -0500 for this transaction: I bought from koujakai.

On December 19, 2017 I purchased a Flareon gold mini model, Flareon clear red mini model, Flareon Clear FCS Figure, and a Clear hoothoot FCS figure. Seller never shipped and does not respond to comments in a timely manner. I opened a PayPal case. It’s been 3+ months which is long enough to not have shipped anything.

I will change this to neutral and drop the case if the items are shipped and arrived.

Positive feedback from princeling81 on Tue, 23 Jun 2015 07:08:46 -0500 for this transaction: I bought from koujakai.

bought a cubone bottle cap, cubone coin, and mewtwo ring. very friendly seller and everything arrived safely and happily! thank you!

Positive feedback from handmadehail on Fri, 12 Jun 2015 21:28:34 -0500 for this transaction: I bought from koujakai.

I bought a little magikarp and a blastoise. Very polite and fast with their responses, and they shipped pretty quick. Thank you so much!

Positive feedback from wowsuchusername on Thu, 21 May 2015 22:06:32 -0500 for this transaction: I bought from koujakai.

I won an auction for a Dittopuff figure, great communication, fast shipping, and I loved the little thank you letter with the giraffe sticker c: Would definitely buy from again. (:

Positive feedback from fox7xd on Mon, 4 May 2015 16:27:01 -0500: I bought from koujakai.

Bought a figure and coin from them. Very friendly and package arrived safe! Thank you again :D

Positive feedback from nadoki65 on Thu, 30 Apr 2015 22:49:53 -0500: I bought from koujakai.

I bought a tiny Meowth figure and a Persian sticker. Seller was very nice and included some tiny freebie figures. Thank you!

Positive feedback from shinamishi on Sat, 25 Apr 2015 14:32:25 -0500 for this transaction: I bought from koujakai.

I bought a small few Clefairy items. The replies were fairly prompt when they could provide them and the transactions was very friendly and smooth. Shipping took a bit to get put together and get sent out, but not a horrific amount of time so it's not a big deal. Packaing was super secure which I very much appreciate! While my transaction went fairly well, I did notice on other buyers' posts that they would not get responses for quite a while which left me not asking myself when the items would be shipped because I knew I wouldn't get a reply - please do a bit better on communication! Everything else goes great, just wanted to give that piece of advice for the future.

Positive feedback from digivolution on Fri, 24 Apr 2015 14:02:16 -0500 for this transaction: I bought from koujakai.

Bought a Zoroark figure I've been looking for, and seller was kind enough to include a freebie. Thanks!

Positive feedback from yveltai on Thu, 23 Apr 2015 14:47:41 -0500 for this transaction: I bought from koujakai.

Very nice seller! Bought a Moltres model figure. Thanks for the awesome service!

Positive feedback from violetcyrene on Mon, 14 Apr 2014 17:09:11 -0500: I bought from koujakai.

I bought various figures and a couple of stampers. Very friendly member, sent my items quickly and left a nice note in the package :3 Thanks so much!

Positive feedback from nicolarbear on Sat, 15 Mar 2014 21:21:49 -0500: I bought from koujakai.

Got a cutie kadabra and 2 flats. Items came quicker than I expected :)! thanks

Positive feedback from wuzzly on Sat, 15 Mar 2014 14:27:58 -0500: I bought from koujakai.

Slightly slow to ship out but very pleased my purchase. Glad the game works too! :) Would highly recommend! Great deals for all Pokemon fanz ;)

Positive feedback from knienke on Mon, 11 Mar 2013 12:55:39 -0500: I bought from koujakai.

Metal gold Arcanine figure
Koujakai was kind enough to respond to a want post of mine. She made it extra special by adding drawings and a cute note. Thank you very much!

Positive feedback from sorashira on Sat, 2 Mar 2013 17:16:14 -0600: I bought from koujakai.

Always responded to my posts constantly asking about where my shipment was. Very patient and awesome seller!

Positive feedback from shuuichi_chan on Mon, 25 Feb 2013 11:08:49 -0600: I bought from koujakai.

Bought a few items including a Jirachi pencil topper. Items took a while to arrive but were packaged nicely and everything looks great. Thanks!

Positive feedback from nactios on Thu, 21 Feb 2013 11:25:25 -0600: I bought from koujakai.

Thank you ! Good conditions, good protection of the package as well :3

Positive feedback from lulupin on Thu, 21 Feb 2013 02:23:36 -0600: I bought from koujakai.

Bought : some figures and flats from sales

All is okay, good communication for a nice seller, thank you. ^^

Positive feedback from caffwin on Fri, 1 Feb 2013 22:15:05 -0600 for this transaction: I sold to koujakai.

Sold a Nidoking metal stamp! Asked for a quick hold, and paid very quickly without needing any reminders.

Thank you! :D

Neutral feedback from zombiecarousel on Tue, 8 Jan 2013 08:23:28 -0600: I bought from koujakai.

I bought two figures back in June, and though the seller disappeared for a while I eventually received them via secure shipping. :)

Positive feedback from smonda on Mon, 17 Dec 2012 00:44:21 -0600: I bought from koujakai.

I bought a Vaporeon Kid and Clear Vaporeon Kid. It took some time to receive the items but there was a crisis and it was absolved. Thanks for the sale :D

Positive feedback from articuno144 on Thu, 6 Sep 2012 02:50:26 -0500 for this transaction: I bought from koujakai.

Absolutely perfect, no problems at all and great items :>

Positive feedback from saberalter on Fri, 31 Aug 2012 07:21:03 -0500: I bought from koujakai.

Items took quite along time to arrive but when they did it all arrived safely thanks!

Neutral feedback from couchpotatonet on Thu, 7 Jun 2012 07:16:19 -0500 for this transaction: I participated in a GA with koujakai.

We won the GA on Sunday, June 3rd. I posted on the main page that totals would be sent out Monday. Monday morning 7am cst totals were sent out via replies on GA page. Wednesday 7am no payment had been received. Sent warning of negative feedback via reply & sent total w/ warning directly. 3 days no payment.

Update: Payment was finally sent & 2nd payment was sent promptly. I am changing feedback to neutral.

Positive feedback from sakenichi on Sun, 3 Jun 2012 23:37:47 -0500 for this transaction: I bought from koujakai.


KFC Dratini plush

Slow to ship, but this is noted in their sales rules. Otherwise good :)

Positive feedback from babycinnamon07 on Wed, 30 May 2012 15:47:05 -0500: I bought from koujakai.

Item arrived safely =)

Positive feedback from toda on Tue, 8 May 2012 20:18:34 -0500: I participated in a GA with koujakai.

Won: Mirinda Bottle Caps

Paid both parts quickly and was a pleasure to work with! Thank you so much for your participation!

Neutral feedback from nagaineko on Mon, 16 Apr 2012 09:03:03 -0500: I bought from koujakai.

This actually happened a while ago (a few months ago), but I never got around to leaving feedback properly.

I won Surfing and Flying Pikachu stickers that were up for offers. I sent payment within a day or two of the auction ending and waited for my stickers to arrive. A month or so later, I decided to contact Koujakai since I was still waiting for the stickers. She responded quickly and said they had not been shipped yet, but she would ship them out soon. Sure enough, I received my stickers a few days later. I was glad to finally get them, but in my opinion, it should not have taken a whole month to ship out a regular envelope. :(

Positive feedback from mandyseley on Mon, 26 Mar 2012 12:23:38 -0500 for this transaction: I bought from koujakai.

Bought a couple of sticker cards, no complaints here. Thank you!

Positive feedback from amandajo567 on Tue, 20 Mar 2012 13:02:39 -0500 for this transaction: I bought from koujakai.

A dragonite figure! Seller let everyone know that it might be a while to go to the post office but when it was shipped it got here in fine condition! Thank you very much! Would purchase from again!

Positive feedback from hebitheivan on Fri, 2 Mar 2012 09:07:42 -0600: I sold to koujakai.

Sold a Raikou dog tag to them and they paid with no problems! Thank you! <3

Positive feedback from kenai3000 on Sat, 11 Feb 2012 22:43:19 -0600: I bought from koujakai.

Item Bought: Diglett line Zukan
Rating: 5/5
Comments: Arrived very quickly. Will do business with again.

To leave feedback for me go to http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/leave/?user=kenai3000

Positive feedback from graywrabbit on Mon, 6 Feb 2012 19:42:57 -0600: I bought from koujakai.

bought some coins and misc. items, extremely fast delivery!!!

Positive feedback from arceus on Sat, 4 Feb 2012 11:34:36 -0600 for this transaction: I bought from koujakai.

Bought: Handkerchief
Fantastic! Item recievied really quickly. :D Thank you.

Positive feedback from caryh on Fri, 3 Feb 2012 17:08:47 -0600: I bought from koujakai.

I bought from Koujakai TWICE!
Absolutely FANTASTIC seller,
fast shipping, quick communication, and an absolute pleasure to do business with
I would recommend buying from Koujakai to anyone! 10/10 without a doubt!

Positive feedback from christiansuen on Wed, 1 Feb 2012 22:39:42 -0600: I bought from koujakai.

FCS figures

Great communication and shipped quickly.

Positive feedback from olesvenson on Wed, 1 Feb 2012 21:09:18 -0600: I bought from koujakai.

I purchased a Bandai Dragonite model and dragon type cup from Koujakai. Shipping was super fast as promised and I received my items two business days after ordering! Everything was beautiful, as pictured, and packaged so that it traveled in tip-top shape. Thanks so much for helping me add items to my collection - hope to do business with you again in the future!!

Positive feedback from remderosier on Wed, 1 Feb 2012 21:01:37 -0600 for this transaction: I bought from koujakai.

I bought a Arcanine FCS figure from her and she shipped the very next day and I got the lovely figure today! Would do business again! :)

Positive feedback from toda on Wed, 1 Feb 2012 20:37:34 -0600: I bought from koujakai.

Bought: Handkerchief

RIDICULOUSLY fast shipping! Perfect transaction! Couldn't ask for anything better! Thanks so much!

Positive feedback from cluw on Fri, 20 Jan 2012 04:56:56 -0600: I participated in a GA with koujakai.

#1 Eeveelution charm GB - Flareon

Very nice to deal with and good communication!

Positive feedback from mizuhokusanagi on Sat, 14 Jan 2012 18:20:12 -0600 for this transaction: I sold to koujakai.

Fast payment!

Positive feedback from herar on Thu, 12 Jan 2012 22:23:34 -0600: I sold to koujakai.

Item: Flareon Charm

Paid quickly with no problems at all. thank you!<3

Positive feedback from daskryuu on Fri, 6 Jan 2012 21:58:36 -0600: I bought from koujakai.

Bought a box of Charmander from this user. Package arrived quickly in time for the holidays. Would buy from again~

Positive feedback from rgmusashi on Fri, 6 Jan 2012 20:22:53 -0600 for this transaction: I sold to koujakai.

Koujakai won the Dittochu Poké Ball plush, Master Ball lock, and Arcanine Full Color Collection figure from an auction I ran. I had to remind her a second time to pay, but she paid promptly after that with no issues.

Positive feedback from hebitheivan on Thu, 5 Jan 2012 03:45:21 -0600: I sold to koujakai.

Sold an Arcanine charm to her and paid promptly! Thank you! <3

Positive feedback from eledora on Thu, 5 Jan 2012 03:44:12 -0600 for this transaction: I bought from koujakai.

[Wartortle battle stadium figure, 151 stamp, and cards!]

Friendly to work with, and the cards are packed very nicely!
Love the Wartortle drawing on the package too, it's really, really cute ;w;

Positive feedback from sui_kune on Wed, 4 Jan 2012 17:35:04 -0600: I sold to koujakai.

Prompt payment, very patient, overall a great buyer! Recommended! A+++

Positive feedback from crasherwake on Wed, 4 Jan 2012 11:30:06 -0600: I bought from koujakai.

I bought a Dialga DX TOMY figure, Torkoal Pokedex figure, and a Squirtle stamper and didn't pay additional shipping since they were on "sale." I got the items very quickly. In the past I also bought an inflatable Dialga and a few other items. Shipping was slow on a prior purchase, but I was given a bonus item, I believe, for the inconvenience. koujakai did do a good job of keeping in contact and communicating throughout the transaction processes.

Neutral feedback from feedback_king_n on Sun, 1 Jan 2012 05:51:23 -0600: I bought from koujakai.

[originally left by umbreongirl on 2011-09-11]

I saw a post about auctions being held here: http://koujakai.livejournal.com/2116.html
I bid on and won a Fighting Pokemon sticker on 7/26.
On 9/1 I posted a follow up post asking when and if my item had been sent. I also sent a few PMs and received no response. I have since opened a PayPal case, waited a week and have escalated it after no communication via livejournal or the Paypal resolution center.

Neutral feedback from feedback_king_n on Sun, 1 Jan 2012 05:50:06 -0600: I participated in a GA with koujakai.

[originally left by fizzycat on 2011-08-25]

back on the 16th of january I held a GA with captainangel for some dioramas and pokedoll figures, as seen here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/8100057.html
koujakai won the mewtwo vs mew diorama here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/8100057.html?thread=231537625#t231537625

first payments came around and I did not get a payment from koujakai, however after PMing her she made the first payment. All was well and good, I had koujakai participate in other GA's of mine and though she had been slow to pay, always pulled through eventually. I still had some pan stickers that she had won from a previous GA, and I said I would take off the shipping she'd already paid off the diorama shipping and have it all shipped together.
So second payments roll around and once again I do not recieve a payment from koujakai, so I PM them. I do not get a response. I decide that they are probably just busy and will get around to me when they can. This does not happen.

Third payments roll around and I combine the people that missed payments one and two, and I post to the community. koujakai once again doesn't respond or send payment.I PM them a few times and eventually get a response as to how they want their figure shipped. I then give them a quote. No response.

Then they ,ake a callout post here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9357373.html saying that they had been PMing me and trying to contact me. I had not recieved any PM's since the last correspondance I had with them, but I shrugged it off to livejournal playing up. So I PM them again, telling them I had seen the post and giving them the payment details. Once again I don't get a response.

I was given their email by happyjolteon and tried them tehre, but did not get a response either. I also start noticing a worrying amount of people havent been getting their sales items or their GA payments, so on their latest post here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/10077513.html I offer an ultimatum: contact me within 24 hours or a negative feedback will be left and you will be refunded. It has now been 24 hours with no response, so here we are.

Overall the length of time this transaction has gone for is ridiculous. I have tried to contact koujakai multiple times to no response, and I am at a loss at what to do. This user is from now on unfortunately banned from all future GA's and sales posts I have or are involved in

Neutral feedback from feedback_king_n on Sun, 1 Jan 2012 05:40:29 -0600: I participated in a GA with koujakai.

[originally left by fizzycat on 2011-06-23]

I am also having issues with her; I still have her items from a while ago from a GA; she still owes me two payments I believe. I've PM'd her multiple times but no response, and in her last post she did a shoutout asking for payment details. I provided them and I still dont have payment :C

Negative feedback from feedback_king_n on Sun, 1 Jan 2012 05:39:39 -0600: I participated in a GA with koujakai.

[originally left by hebitheivan on 2011-06-23]

EDIT: Resolved.

My first reason why I am leaving her negative feedback is because she still owes me items I have won in the Mandysaurus_Rex GA (a Charmander TOMY, a Charmander Tic-tac-Toe keychain, Latias kid and a Pokemon Blue game). Here is the journal where the people had to pay for the shipping from her to us:


Here in this link under, you can see that I had some conversation with her about the shipping, because I wanted her to send it to my Slovak address, not US one:


As you can probably see, I have also paid for my shipping and added all the information, so my items will be shipped to my address in the Slovak republic. After that no contact at all. I tried to reach her through PM or other community posts, but she never replied and I don't know if my items were ever shipped to me. I am getting frustrated, because I truly want my items that I have won in the GA.

Reason number two.

Me and elisha1288 hosted a large GA that belonged to jedi_amara.


In this GA, koujakai has won two Raikou Retsuden stamps, Mightyena Retsuden stamp and a Gengar plush. I have posted two posts that Payment is due and after that I started writing PMs or tried to contact her especially through old posts she made or other things. This person NEVER responded to my messages, it's impossible to get a hold of her.

So overall, it seems she absolutely vanished, I have never gotten my items from the Mandysaurus_Rex GA and she never paid for her claims/items she won in Jedi_amara's GA.

That's why I am leaving her a negative feedback and banning them from GAs that I would host.

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