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Negative feedback from feedback_king_n on Thu, 5 Jan 2012 00:37:15 -0600: I sold to phantomggirl.

[originally left by aleyina on 2010-10-30]

She has been pulling the same stuff to me as she did entirelycliched.

This all took place within the span of a week.

She responded to one of my sales posts stating that she wanted several items ($45 worth). Within minutes I responded to her comment asking for her zip code. Hours went by and she was active in the rest of the community. So I replied again saying that her items are wanted by others and I really need an answer. She replied oh I'm sorry I'm not getting alerted to comments, blah blah blah. She gave me her zip. The same hour I gave her the total. The next day after getting the ok, I made a special trip to the post office to pick up the priority box (because that would be the cheapest way to ship it) and have been waiting ever since. A comment and a couple PM's later she still has not responded. I was gonna be very patient with her until I saw her post that she is currently bidding on an Ebay auction. So she has money for other things.Other people had to wait for items that she claimed first. Which isn't fair to them either!

No common courtesy at all. Inquires about a lot of items and then keeps you guessing and never gives you an answer. All I wanted was a no or something. Some kind of communication. She is banned from my sales from here on out!

Negative feedback from feedback_king_n on Thu, 5 Jan 2012 00:36:43 -0600: I sold to phantomggirl.

[originally left by entirelycliched on 2010-10-22]

For two days shy of two weeks, phantomggirl has been stringing me along with potential purchases. On October 9th, she initially what the total cost of two items would be shipped to her zip code. I responded in a matter of hours, and (after prompting with another follow-up comment) she stated on October 12th that she would like to add items and wanted a "deal" as a result of placing a larger order, which was fine. I asked for clarification as to which plush she wanted the same day, and which was answered on October 14th. Despite me responding that same day with the final total and following up again on October 17th, I did not receive another response until October 21st, at which time she vaguely requested to "bring down the price," stating that otherwise she wished to omit one of the plush from her order.

I followed up about three hours later, and have yet to receive a response. I am leaving the feedback now rather than waiting another several days because mere hours after my comment and PM to her, she actively participated in the community by way of placing at least one high dollar bid on an item that I saw and making price inquiries in sales post without ever getting back to me. So, it isn't a lack of internet connection, a family emergency, a sick pet, or being away from the internet for long periods of time; it is a flat out lack of common courtesy. Obviously, I will not be conducting business with this person.

For reference, here (http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w188/pineikin/phantomgirl-1.jpg) is a screen shot of the October 9th-21st ordeal.

Negative feedback from feedback_king_n on Sun, 1 Jan 2012 10:58:56 -0600: I sold to phantomggirl.

[originally left by caffwin on 2011-01-31]

I am leaving a negative for phantomggirl for carelessly making a purchase in my sales post, dragging the transaction on for days with numerous questions and excuses, and then backing out because she didn't bother to verify my location, claiming she only "ordered from 2 select countries in the world".

She commented on my sales, asking to buy numerous items, many of which were not available (and it would have been very easy to realize this had the above comments even been skimmed over). After I gave her a quote on the remaining items that were left, she tried to back out because the figures she wanted were not there, and because she didn't realize I wasn't shipping from the US. I commented back telling her that if she dropped one of the figures, shipping would be less than half, and she stopped replying after I told her where I was shipping from. The transaction was dragged on for days until she stops replying altogether and backs out of the purchase, telling me she only orders from certain countries with the fear of her mail "getting lost". Even though my shipping method would have provided her with insurance anyway, it is her responsibility to check with buyers where they are shipping from BEFORE the purchase, especially if she is truly paranoid about her items getting lost.

No seller should have to be put through the trouble of giving totals, answering a bunch of pointless questions, being left hanging for days, and then go through the frustration of having the person pass on the order because the buyer did not fulfill their responsibility of being a courteous member and reading the rules to begin with. Community etiquette is not hard to abide by, but seems to be neglected pretty often and carelessly by many.

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