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Negative feedback from feedback_king_n on Sun, 1 Jan 2012 03:20:03 -0600: I participated in a GA with pokemonaddict10.

[originally left by darkfaeprincess on 2011-07-13]

Pokemonaddict10 participated in my GA for battrio which ended on June 13th at 8pm EST. I sent out messages to everyone at 11:11pm that same day, asking for payments. (link here http://darkfaeprincess.livejournal.com/27157.html?thread=72213#t72213) 2 days later on the 15th, just a few hours before the 48 hour cut off time, Pokemonaddict10 sends me a comment saying they'll pay when they get home. (link here http://darkfaeprincess.livejournal.com/27157.html?thread=79125#t79125) I replied with a message stating it needed to be paid in just a few hours or negative feedback will be left. (link here http://darkfaeprincess.livejournal.com/27157.html?thread=79381#t79381) The next day, still waiting on payment, I sent another comment stating that they are late on payment. (link here http://darkfaeprincess.livejournal.com/27157.html?thread=80917#t80917) Still no reply, I send another comment on the 19th, 3 days later stating that they are way overdue on payment (link here http://darkfaeprincess.livejournal.com/27157.html?thread=81429#t81429) Still no reply. Hours later I replied saying it was the last reply I'd be making before leaving negative feedback (link here http://darkfaeprincess.livejournal.com/27157.html?thread=81685#t81685) The next day, on the 20th, 7 days after payment was originally asked for, they message me telling me they can't pay me because they have no money. (link here http://darkfaeprincess.livejournal.com/27157.html?thread=81941#t81941) I replied explaining that they absolutely needed to pay me swiftly because it's a GA and that's how GA's work. (link here http://darkfaeprincess.livejournal.com/27157.html?thread=82197#t82197) Still no reply. 5 days after my last reply, I sent a final message stating that it's been 5 days since they told me they'd pay "soon" (link here http://darkfaeprincess.livejournal.com/27157.html?thread=82453#t82453) On July 1st, 18 days after the payment was originally due, they contact me asking me how much they owe. (link here http://darkfaeprincess.livejournal.com/27157.html?thread=143637#t143637) Finally fed up with dealing with them, I had already given up on them.

Negative feedback from feedback_king_n on Sun, 1 Jan 2012 03:15:43 -0600: I participated in a GA with pokemonaddict10.

[originally left by pannsie on 2011-07-11]

When I decided to host a Battrio GA on the 28th of May, Pokemonaddict10 bid on both a Meowth and Glameow Battrio, winning them at $1 each. After I posted the first payment poston the 2nd of June, I waited a few days before sending them a reminder message to send the amount. On the 6th of June, they replied to my message, giving no indication of trouble, and a little bit later sent over the payment. (link for a screenshot of the message http://s220.photobucket.com/albums/dd205/renlives73/?action=view&current=Pokemonaddictmessage1.jpg) Since the message was so chirpy, I brushed the incident off and thought no more of it.
When the second payment was calculated on the 17th of June, I was once again waiting on Pokemonaddict10 to make a payment. I got a response from them on the 22nd of June, in response to a reminder message I sent them, giving their word that the payment would be sent Friday. (Link to message screenshot http://s220.photobucket.com/albums/dd205/renlives73/?action=view&current=Pokemonaddictmessage2.jpg) The reason for the wait was that they may have gone broke if they sent the $1.86 payment. I waited until it was Saturday in their timezone, and then sent them this http://s220.photobucket.com/albums/dd205/renlives73/?action=view&current=Pokemonaddictmessage3.jpg, giving an ultimatum that if the payment has not been sent in 24 hours from the message being sent, a moderator would be contacted and negative feedback may occur. The payment was not sent, so I attempted to contact Dakajojo twice, though the LJ messages didn't seem to go through. :c In between my second message to Dakajojo and my first message to Denkimouse, Pokemon addict responded http://s220.photobucket.com/albums/dd205/renlives73/?action=view&current=Pokemonaddictmessage4.jpg to my ultimatum, saying they sent the payment, but must've gotten the email wrong. They also said they would resend the payment, which never happened. After waiting a few more days, and calculating the third payment, I decided to contact Denkimouse about the matter, and she confirmed that negative feedback should be left.

I feel as if I've been fair, have given enough time, and enough warnings. I'm leaving this negative for unsent payments, and a lack of communication. D:
And sorry this is so long uhhh.

Negative feedback from feedback_king_n on Sun, 1 Jan 2012 02:48:21 -0600: I participated in a GA with pokemonaddict10.

[originally left by nagaineko on 2011-06-24]

Pokemonaddict10 participated in my GA for my things which ended on June 8th. Participants were given prompt requests for information so I could calculate totals. Pokemonaddict10 did not respond right away, so I sent them another message. They responded promptly to that with their information and I gave them a total after a few negotiations regarding other sales. The total was given to them about a week ago and they responded to ask about the shipping materials I was using since the shipping price was so high. I answered their question and waited for payment. I sent them a few messages afterwards because I still had not received payment and at this point I was certain I was scammed by another member, so payment at this point is rather desperate and I let them know about my situation. One of these messages, which was sent on Tuesday or Wednesday this week, stated that negative feedback would be left if payment didn't get to me within 48 hours. They responded saying that they would ask their dad to use his Paypal as soon as he woke up. Yesterday, June 23rd, I sent a final message saying that if I did not receive payment overnight, I would leave negative feedback. And here I am today, still missing payment from Pokemonaddict10. >_<

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