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Negative feedback from reimu on Mon, 23 Sep 2013 13:06:33 -0500 for this transaction: I sold to rodry99.

They participated in an auction of mine for a DX Charizard and have not paid by 24 hours after the auction's closing as outlined in the rules. I even gave additional time to pay since there was an extenuating circumstance with another auction to work out, but still didn't receive the payment.

Upon receiving payment I will revise this feedback.

[UPDATE 9.28.2013] This revision is to elaborate on the feedback and my reason for keeping this a negative.

I ran an auction for two plush - a DX Venusaur and DX Charizard. Both plush were bid up to over $100 by rodry99 and soiledpoetry.

I made a mistake when setting the countdown timer, having accidentally set it to end 30 minutes earlier than the time posted for the end of the auction. (Timer was set for 9pm, auction end time was posted for 9:30pm.) In this specific case, the timer being incorrect was a moot point because of the community-wide auction extensions. Put short: rodry99 was outbid (by user soiledpoetry), and it was a legitimate bid that they could have counter-bid, but did not. So they lost the auction for Venusaur.

September 21: The auctions ended. I posted confirming that rodry had won Charizard, and soiledpoetry had won Venusaur, requesting that they send payment for their items.

September 22: rodry replied, explaining the issue with the timer. I responded immediately to address their concerns, saying that it seemed soiledpoetry's bid was within the limit. I later sent them a PM discussing postage and shipping fees, and mentioning that I would add another 12 hours to make the payment for Charizard, the item he won.

September 23: The extra 12 hours were up, and it was now around 36 hours after the auction ended — rodry had still yet to pay for his item. I sent a PM, giving them more time to allow them to get home from school or work and send the payment. I warned about leaving negative feedback at this point as well.

rodry replied later in the day, talking more about the issues with the timer for the Venusaur auction. He completely ignored my comment and PMs about paying for Charizard. I responded and explained that the timer being off was a moot point because of the auction extension. I also left a comment on the Report a Problem post to ask the mods' opinion on the matter. At this point, I started to get very worried that he was not going to pay; checking his feedback and seeing multiple references to not paying only made it worse. I held out hope that he would pay for Charizard once the mods put their two cents in.

Moderators entirelycliched and razeasha commented on the post and cleared things up — they confirmed that the timer being off didn't matter in this particular situation, an extension of the auction wasn't necessary and that rodry was outbid fair and square. This comment is the last communication I had from rodry99 as of this revision.

I left rodry negative feedback, mentioning I would revise it if they paid for Charizard. I sent a PM to let them know I had.

September 24: entirelycliched left rodry a direct comment explaining the situation — that they had lost Venusaur and were still obligated to pay for Charizard. He didn't reply to this comment, nor did he reach out to contact me.

September 27: After waiting several stressful days in "I (still!) need money but I can't sell this" limbo, I gave up on rodry ever paying for Charizard and sold it to someone else.

September 28: Feedback revision left.

For backing out of the auction and completely shutting down communication-wise on me, they are banned from any of my future sales or auctions. This transaction was very stressful and frustrating. Considering this experience and the two other feedback that reference rodry backing out of sales, I would frankly suggest avoiding doing business with them at all.

Positive feedback from larvitarscar on Fri, 8 Mar 2013 05:01:39 -0600: I sold to rodry99.

I Sold: Banpresto HQ Eevee plush

Smooth transaction! Would welcome again. =D

Positive feedback from placetohide on Tue, 5 Mar 2013 05:50:22 -0600: I sold to rodry99.

Bought a pokedoll and paid promptly with good communication!

Neutral feedback from caffwin on Fri, 14 Dec 2012 14:01:18 -0600: I sold to rodry99.

Really, really disappointed with this transaction - they expressed interest in a sculpture months back and asked for a quote along with pictures, which is no problem. When I gave them a price, it was a little over their price range and said the max they wanted to pay was just a bit below. I commented back saying I would be willing to take their offer, and they disappeared. They began ignoring all my comments and PMs (probably around 5-10 of them) despite making purchases from other various community members.

They message me back finally months later only after I tell them I am considering leaving a non positive feedback. They accused me of "blackmail" and "threatening" them; this entire situation didn't have to get to this point had they just maintained contact to begin with.

Positive feedback from tsuiling on Wed, 31 Oct 2012 00:47:26 -0500: I sold to rodry99.

Charmander and Chikorita Pokedolls. Timely payment, good communication.

Positive feedback from pogaf on Mon, 1 Oct 2012 18:07:44 -0500 for this transaction: I sold to rodry99.

Items Sold: Jolteon Pokedoll (Nintendo World Pick-ups)

Paid promptly and on time- transaction was smooth! :)
A very nice buyer- would happily deal with them again!

Negative feedback from bandanna_boy_17 on Fri, 10 Aug 2012 11:37:14 -0500 for this transaction: I sold to rodry99.

They signed up for a slot in my Epcot Pick-Up, but I never received the first payment or any sort of communication after posting the first payment post before I picked up the plush. I still haven't heard anything from rodry99 since.

Signing up for my pick-up means that you couldn't back out after a certain time [June 22], and according to the rules on my payment post, if payment was not made by the deadline [which I extended to them up to the night before the pick-up], I would leave a negative feedback and drop them from the list.

Positive feedback from tailglow on Wed, 4 Jan 2012 16:50:49 -0600 for this transaction: I sold to rodry99.

(larvitar plush)
prompt payment. :) very polite buyer & is always welcome back to my future sales.

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