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Negative feedback from feedback_king_n on Sun, 1 Jan 2012 11:17:21 -0600: I sold to royalmarquis.

[originally left by kyogres on 2010-12-07]

After much deliberation, I am leaving a negative for royalmarquis. On August 31 they commented on my sales post, asking to buy Pokemon TCG sleeves. A few comments later they mentioned that they would like to buy some cards as well, and gave me a list of cards they were looking for on September 10.

I sorted through my cards and responded two days later with the ones I owned. I then gave them the total and they said that they wanted to add more cards to get up to 100. (At the time I was doing "bulk discounts" for groups of over 50 cards) and gave me a longer list of the new cards they wanted on September 19.

It took me about a week to determine which cards and how many of each I had. I responded on September 26 with a spreadsheet of exactly what I had: 244 cards in total. After not receiving a response for a few weeks, I realized that I had forgotten to give them the total price for all of those cards. I commented and PMed them with the total (with a discount since they were buying so many cards) and asked if they were still interested.

On October 17 they responded that the price was more than they were willing to spend at the moment. They also said they were making a new list, so I assumed that they were still interested in some of the cards. I decided to let them drop most of the order because there was some confusion on the bulk discount price.

At this point I took the transaction to PMs, since the comment chain was beginning to clutter my sales post. I asked if they were still interested in the cards. They responded with a new list (http://i396.photobucket.com/albums/pp41/serpented/Photos/rm1.png). I gave them the new total (http://i396.photobucket.com/albums/pp41/serpented/Photos/rm2.png), excluding shipping, and asked for their zip code.

A week passed and I did not hear back from them. At this point it was December. On December 5 I tried to contact them one last time (http://kyogres.livejournal.com/1261.html?thread=1343213#t1343213). I sent a PM and I responded to their last comment on my sales post, in case LJ PMs were acting up.

Their response was:

"Sorry, I actually havn't gotten your PMs. I check my gmail daily, but received no word of PMs until you replied to your own thread today. I know this order has gone far too long and I apologize for that. I'm just going to officially back out now, since now there's an issue regarding price. And I don't want to extend this for either of us. I'm really sorry how things turned out."

The transaction can be found here, along with the PMs above.

I am leaving royalmarquis a negative because they prolonged the transaction for over 3 months, changing their order multiple times within that timeframe, and then dropped not only the items they added in the middle of the transaction, but the original items as well (which had prices clearly listed in my sales post). Overall, this was a huge waste of time for me and probably the most stressful "sale" I've ever made. royalmarquis is henceforth banned from my sales posts.

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