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Positive feedback from mamath on Sat, 23 Mar 2013 06:50:26 -0500: I sold to system69.

I sold a Wartortle Groundbreaker TFG.

Transaction was 100% smooth and system69 is a very pleasant buyer. :)

Positive feedback from yumifun on Thu, 21 Mar 2013 11:27:05 -0500: I sold to system69.

Magmar 151 figure.
Great buyer, paid promptly, thanks ^^

Positive feedback from tryndamere on Thu, 7 Mar 2013 00:50:50 -0600: I sold to system69.

I sold a Lickilicky plush. Buyer paid promptly. Easy transaction! Welcome back anytime to my sales. Thanks! ^__^

Positive feedback from caffwin on Mon, 25 Feb 2013 19:34:03 -0600: I bought from system69.

Commissioned an adorable Slowpoke pokedoll! This user went out of their way to make the changes I wanted and to make him as perfect as can be. :D

We also traded some fabric and it was sent very quickly and everything was very hassle free. Thank you so much, and I hope we can work together again!

Positive feedback from truvio56 on Fri, 22 Feb 2013 16:55:30 -0600: I bought from system69.

I bought Wonderfully made plushes from XSystem

She put so much work into it and the results showed :)

An Absolutely Amazing Plushies that I truly adore and Glorify,

She is one of the best plush makers I know, a great seller, but most of all an awesome person :)
Great communication, never skips a beat, updates with pictures, and is very lovely to talk to.

I look forward to doing more business with this Superb Plush Maker :)


Positive feedback from meowllz on Fri, 22 Feb 2013 16:54:17 -0600: I bought from system69.

Both plush I commissioned were absolutely amazing. System69 kept me updated throughout the process and let me know when there was a snag or two and tried their best to fix it. Shipping time was very reasonable since they were coming from Australia. :)

Positive feedback from vulpes_canis on Fri, 22 Feb 2013 16:31:48 -0600: I traded with system69.

I traded a custom Wartortle Plushie I made for a Custom Raichu plush she made. She was very friendly and remained in contact with me throughout the whole process :)I look forward to trading with you again!

Positive feedback from dinomuffinbot on Sun, 22 Jul 2012 19:17:14 -0500: I bought from system69.

Commissioned an eevee pillow pet

ITS AMAZING!!! its made EXTREMELY WELL, so soft, so amazing!!! i couldn't be happeier!!!! thank you so much!!!!

Positive feedback from rainbow_gemini on Thu, 26 Jan 2012 14:11:43 -0600: I bought from system69.

I commissioned a pair of Zekrom and Reshiram kissing plushies from system69 on her dA. She got started on my commissions pretty quickly and while there were some delays and mishaps on both of our ends, she got them both finished and shipped out all within a month's time.

While the plushies did have a bit of smell to them, it was pretty small, and nothing a little Febreeze couldn't fix ^_^

I spent over $300 for these two, and I must say, I definitely think I got more than my money's worth. My plushies are gorgeous and I recommend commishing her because she does fantastic work <3

Positive feedback from myvampirelust19 on Sun, 8 Jan 2012 23:30:04 -0600: I bought from system69.

I commissioned System69 for a Luxray and shinx plush and im very happy with how the transaction was dealt n__n she kept great communication and showed me the progress which was exciting, items were also shipped quickly. Cannot fault :)

Positive feedback from meowthcollector on Sun, 1 Jan 2012 22:55:10 -0600: I traded with system69.

Traded: Plush for custom plush (September 2011)

I traded with system69. While the terms of our trade evolved a bit, system69 was always communicative, apologetic when appropriate, and committed to ensuring that an equitable trade was secured in some form. With patience (deservedly, considering a queue of other customers and the time necessary to design/construct a custom plush), our trade was completed with the end result being a fantastic custom Poke Doll.

I understand the negative feelings derived from system69's other dealings, but through my experience with her, I don't feel that she is evil or bad by any means; perhaps she bit off more than she could chew and was overwhelmed. Given the chance, and perhaps with more structure on her own part, she has the potential to be a great custom plush artist for hire. Her talent certainly speaks for itself!

Negative feedback from feedback_king_n on Sun, 1 Jan 2012 02:01:54 -0600: I bought from system69.

[originally left by larvitarscar on 2011-08-29]

21 Feb - System69 sought a trade for items from my shop in exchange for a small custom Wigglytuff, to the value of $35.


24 Feb – Agreement on trade is reached. I agreed to it because she promised it would take a really short time (a day to maximum of a week) to make:


2 Mar - I sent out my side of the trade, via registered post:


7 Mar - System69 said that the item was in the wrong size, and offered to remake it:


18 Mar - She acknowledged receipt of my package, noting that I accidentally left out a Ho-Oh figure because she stated she wanted it on a separate comment from the initial one she posted (this I take responsibility for). In addition, she said I was first on her trades list:


29th Mar - I asked her about the item again, just so we can both send our sides simultaneously. This was not replied to:


[System69 has deleted her commissions-related posts on her LJ, but I may have the LJ notifications in my inbox if necessary.]

8 April – I threadjacked her post on her LJ page, as she was communicating with her other customers on her LJ page yet not replying to my comment.

9 April - System69 responded. She offered on 11th April 2011 to do live streamings of her working on the plushes later that week.

5 May - I commented on her LJ asking for updates, which was not responded to despite her communicating with others on her LJ during that period.

8 May – I commented again, this time requesting for her trades to be listed alongside her paid commissions, just so we can know what's going on, as strangely her paid commissions were documented but all her trade customs (at least two other customers to my knowledge) had no official documentation. This was not replied to.

14 May – System69 opened up commissions for two custom Chandelure Pokedoll plushes. When Gin expressed concern about her taking paid commissions before completing trade commissions, she assured Gin she had it under control. System69 stated her intended solution for being behind time for trade commissions was to ‘remove deadlines, and just letting people know I take my time, and to know this when asking for a commission.’


20 May – System69 PMs all trade commissions that she set up a separate page for trade commission customers.


28 Jun – System69 posted updates on her trade commission page. She stated she intended to finish mine by 1 July. I sent my address to her via PM.

1 July – System69 updated page, but stated she is behind schedule. No reference is made to my plush apart from how her pattern for my Wigglytuff is completed.

1 Aug – I PM her the following:

Hi, how's the progress on the trade plushes right now? I really do not want the transaction to stretch into its sixth month...which it is on track towards...=X

4 Aug – System69 replied the following:

At this point, I'm hoping you'll consider a payment instead, as it doesn't seem this will ever go along smoothly. In the interest of not dragging it on further, would you kindly let me know what the value was, and I'll add interest.

I replied the following:

hi! thanks for the reply. i think that's a good idea. based on records it was $35 dollars worth, inclusive of a Ho-Oh which is still in my possession. i'd let you offer how much interest or renumeration you wish, and if it's fine we'd proceed! thank you.

System69 replied the same day:

Alright, well I'd gladly offer you $50, if this seems to you like it's adequate. I feel just exhausted by the constancy of this, and I hope we can put it behind us quickly.

I replied:

OK! Payment is to ______, do leave your LJ user name. thanks!

9 Aug – Payment has not been sent. I sent the following PM:

Hi, this is a final reminder about the outstanding payment of $50 for the 'refund'! As school is starting in 36 hours' time, I will have no choice but to enforce all outstanding obligations and close all transactions by then. I understand anybody under pressure (e.g. illness, IRL issues etc) may feel the heat when people intermittently seek updates, but when I agreed to this trade I was promised that the transaction will be completed within days, and now it reaching six months and I really CANNOT allow this to drag further.

I must apologize for being firm with you, as I am sure you must have your reasons, but for my own IRL reasons too I will have to set a deadline of 36 hours from the time of this message before I start to take action.

Best regards,

11 Aug – System69 sends payment, and her last message to me was:

Done, let me know you've got it so we can be done!

Closing Comments:
This commission marks my most disappointing transaction so far on this community. The trade kicked off on 21 Feb and the transaction only closed on 11 Aug, almost six months later, with nary a Wigglytuff in sight.

I suppose the most frustrating elements were that System69 never at any point appeared truly apologetic or urgently keen to complete her obligations to us. There were several moments where she was rather curt and rude to me on her LJ. Like the members said above, bad communication was the worst aspect of dealing with her, and her flippant and nonchalant attitude only worsens the situation and further upsets her customers. I must, in closing, note that she did offer a refund and a bit more extra for the experience she put me through, which at least shows effort to remedy the situation long overdue.

Negative feedback from feedback_king_n on Sun, 1 Jan 2012 02:00:50 -0600: I bought from system69.

[originally left by lovedbyahero on 2011-08-29]

I had comission this user for a Sleeping Pokabu Pokedoll and got the same disappointing features (as seen here http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/system69/#fb46 ): a digusting smell, using black thread on orange material which showed through, the stitching wasn't great, and the shape of the head was oblong. Because I believed i was the only one who had this issue, I did not say anything and instead put the plush to one side. I am hugely disappointed but have accepted my loss. Add on to this my anxiety about approaching a comissioner (first time ever comissioned a plush) and pointing out these mistakes which is why I never contacted system69 in the first place. Another thing was the plush was postmarked weeks after when they said they had shipped it. The picture provided was also misleading as it hide the side that had the bad stitching.

I am supporting [info]nightmare_chan2's negative because it was then that I realised I was not the only one to have this problems and i really wish I spoke out earlier. I can provide pictures if needed.
This comission has completely and utterly put me off comissioning a plush ever again. Ever. I only get small plush from one member from here now as I'm too afraid that if I ask for something that I really wanted, I'll be disappointed again.

Negative feedback from feedback_king_n on Sun, 1 Jan 2012 01:59:21 -0600: I bought from system69.

[originally left by nightmare_chan2 on 2011-08-29]

5/15/11 - Won a Chandelure pokedoll plush in System69's auction: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9170856.html

Sometime later (LJ won't show me the date of the PM) I receive notice that my plush is complete and pictures will be given to me soon. They weren't, and I really wish I had seen some before the mess really begins. After waiting quite a while for them to ship it with zero communication of any delays and already zero communication through the plush process I receive my plush.

I was bidding on this item: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/048/f/3/shandera_pokedoll_by_xsystem-d39qi31.png

I got this: http://pics.livejournal.com/nightmare_chan2/pic/000zzedh

The plush had an odor to it, one that made me gag and reminded me unwashed dog and trash. You could smell it as soon as you opened the bag and I DID NOT put him near my collection because he felt dirty. I thought the shape was due from the package being handled in the mail but the threads almost snapped when I tried to suish him into a circular shape. Disappointment is lightly putting what I felt.

I sent them a message promptly addressing my concerns. No response.

August 1st - I send them a deviantart message addressing my concerns on there.

August 4th - Get a reply, a partial refund is offered. I quickly respond accepting it.

August 11th - I contact them, wondering what's going on with the refund. I get a response explaining that they don't have the funds and to expect it next week. Why didn't they just tell me I would wait instead of leaving me hanging...? I accept.

August 16th - No communication from them and no payment yet. I give them a little nudge and also my paypal that I would like the money addressed to because I forgot to mention it last time.

August 20th - No payment and no surprise that there is no communication from them despite plenty of deviantart activity. I get a reply saying how there is a delay but they failed to inform me.

August 23rd - After thinking it out I decide to tell them that I am disappointed with communicaton for the refund and that they didn't bother improving it when that was the #1 problem with this transaction. I get a rude reply back that frankly shouldn't have been said and was unprofessional. I don't respond because I see no point in it when they have already gotten a strong language with me and have left me speechless.

August 25th - I get my refund. Next day they ask me to confirm it and I do.

Messages that had the most go-back between us: http://pics.livejournal.com/nightmare_chan2/pic/0011rk4h

This commission was a NIGHTMARE and I will not purchase from this user again. I know a few others who have encountered similar problems with them and if I had known this before I wouldn't have bid in those auctions. While I do appreciate the refund unfortunately this person avoided the topic of a disappointing commission (they gave me something that they knew wasn't up to par of what I bid on), didn't improve on a communication after it was brought up, and avoided things unless a tone was taken. Dealing with them was as disappointing as the product I got and if it weren't for my dear and helpful friend Touchfuzzybug who removed the stuffing and gave it a new sewing job I would have thrown the item away due to the smell and headache it brought.

Negative feedback from feedback_king_n on Sun, 1 Jan 2012 01:58:41 -0600: I bought from system69.

[originally left by aburamechan on 2011-08-29]

On 5/15/11 I was notified that I had won a Chandelure replica custom pokedoll here:
When sending the money, I specifically asked for some communication, especially regarding when it was started and finished. I received none until it was ready to ship, and my address was needed.

On 6/26/11 and image of the “copies” was posted on deviantart. I admit I didn’t look at them too hard thus didn’t notice the differences.

On 7/18/11 I received my plush.
It was not what I paid for. The stitches were loose, the plush was did not look like what I had been led to believe I had purchased. It was oblong and did not resemble what it was supposed to be a replica of. It also had a very bad smell to it; bad enough to make me gag. (I later removed the stuffing and restuffed it, which fixed most of the smell problem. The stuffing was where most of the smell was coming from, so it was not a problem spawning from the shipping process.) This image compares the two, and the differences are easy to spot: http://i653.photobucket.com/albums/uu259/AburameChan/Journal%203/IMG_3519.jpg

On 7/19/11 I sent a message to the seller. No response.

On 8/2/11 I contacted them through Deviantart instead.

On 8/3/11 I got a message and we worked some things out to the effect of a partial refund and gift. I was given no reason why the replica didn’t look like the original.

8/6/11 I get a message saying the gift is done, and to expect pictures. Gift image isn’t posted until 3 days later. No contact after this for eleven days. I have no idea what’s going on at this point.

8/21/11 Contacted them again, telling them I deserve to know what’s going on.
8/22/11 They return a message saying my refund will be sent on the 26th, and my item will be shipped as well.

On 8/25/11 I received a message saying the gift was sent.
The next day I got the partial refund.

I understand business and life can be tough, but communication is essential in everything we do in life.

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