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Negative feedback from caffwin on Tue, 28 Aug 2012 21:12:42 -0500 for this transaction: I sold to victinimad.

Pretty simple situation here, just a non paying buyer which I'm not entirely surprised at after looking at the other feedback. They asked me to hold for about a month and after some reminders, didn't pay up but demanded days after they promised to pay that I wait even longer for payment. Also used the excuse "your journal is friends only but I didn't want to PM you about it" which doesn't fly with me, it's not a legitimate reason for not being able to maintain contact. I was hesitant to deal with them after reviewing their feedback and decided I wasn't going to just wait around for them anymore as they've promised payment in the past to other sellers without following through.

I hope this person will responsibly follow through with transactions in the future.

Negative feedback from colourdelusion on Wed, 22 Aug 2012 14:42:14 -0500 for this transaction: I sold to victinimad.

I would also like to add my experience with this buyer, as it has been less than satisfactory.

I posted about two weeks ago with a recent find while I was vacationing in Europe, and the user expressed interest in one of the items that I had shown. I offered to sell the item to her (a kite), as I did not particularly want it and was happy to give it to someone that would appreciate it more. After I gave her the total, she said she would send the payment that evening, though I didn't receive anything. One reminder to which she replied, but yet again nothing. I have linked the transaction, which should elucidate the rest of the situation.

I only saw her feedback after she failed to send the payment after I reminded her. I'm not expecting to get the payment soon, or ever, for that matter.

It's not a huge deal, since I initially offered it to her and no one else wanted it, but you can't commit to things and leave the seller hanging. It's infuriating and outright rude.

Negative feedback from gleameyesluxray on Mon, 20 Aug 2012 03:00:02 -0500: I sold to victinimad.

Warning: do not sell to this user, she repeatedly claims items then never pays.

This is the first negative I've had to leave for a "member," so I'm going to outline exactly what happened.

This user contacted me on July 6, 2012 and posted messages asking for various items in my sales. I responded the same day with the total. The next day, she tried to haggle down the price and I agreed because I needed to sell things as quickly as possible to help pay for my cat's surgery. She agreed to pay the haggled price but never paid.

I contacted her on the July 10th, no response. Contacted her on the 13th reminding her that my sales rules require payment or some sort of contact within 48 hours or her items were forfeit, and the next day she said she forgot and will pay "soon." Contacted her again on the 18th, and she says, "I was planning to do it sometime this week." Never got it. Contacted her once again on the 21st, no response. Contacted her again on 29th and she finally responds with, "I know I just need to transfer money from my bank to my dads because I use his." Contacted her yet again on August 8th, no response. Contacted her one last time on August 13th letting her know that this was her last chance to pay and if she didn't, I would re-list the items on hold, ban her from my sales, and ask the mods to ban her from the community due to her ridiculous amount of negative feedbacks and constantly claiming items she cannot pay for. She responded two days later saying she was busy and didn't see my messages, which I know isn't true because I saw her comment in another member's comm post while I was waiting for her to respond to me.

This user took advantage of not only my patience and understanding, but also my financial situation regarding my cat's surgery by leaving many items on hold. In the month and half I've tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and wait for her payment instead of re-listing the items, her communication was spotty at best, she kept making excuses for why she hadn't paid yet and telling me she'd pay "soon" instead of making a selfless decision to take the items off hold, and she flat-out lied to me by saying she was busy and didn't have time to respond or didn't see my messages when she's still commenting to other members.

After my own experiences with this member and talking to other sellers, I would like to see this member permanently banned due to her high amount of negatives, which clearly shows she is making no attempt to resolve issues with sellers and be a better member, and her continuous claims on items in the comm she can only hope her dad will pay for.

Neutral feedback from captainangel on Sun, 19 Aug 2012 07:58:50 -0500: I sold to victinimad.

During my large flat sales, this user asked me for quotes on large amounts of my stickers. They then tried to haggle, and add items, and ask for the total again, and was slow to reply.

I had a lot going on with lots of buyers, and so i decided not to sell to this user.

They left me negative feedback for not getting back to them about the items, and so i sent a PM, offering them the items they wanted for free, as an apology. However i charged a few bucks for shipping, and then... I never got a reply for well over a month. They apologized saying they didnt see the PM but then carried on to say ''Ill pay soon''
Whens soon?!
It was sent a week ago, i checked my Paypal and no payment has been made.

Negative feedback from placetohide on Mon, 6 Aug 2012 19:30:37 -0500: I sold to victinimad.

User said they would commit to buying items from a pickup, but when I let them know their total and asked for payment, no response. Waited and finally a week later they said they would pay the next night. The next night came and went and they still hadn't paid. Almost a week after that they just wrote another message saying they still hadn't paid and were too busy to. This user obviously has problems making commitments and understanding that sellers can't be left waiting indefinitely for them to make payment at their personal whim. I tried to be patient, but at this point it seems obvious if I ever got paid for the items, it would only be after a lot of waiting and frustration.

Negative feedback from lapopearmadillo on Sat, 4 Aug 2012 14:42:10 -0500 for this transaction: I sold to victinimad.

User committed to buying something (was even given a discount) and I waited four weeks and received no payment. I reminded them three times, and each time I was met with a response along the lines of 'I haven't had time yet' or 'I was going to send it tonight/soon' which obviously never happened. Disappointed it had to go down this way.

Negative feedback from tortoises on Thu, 26 Jul 2012 07:20:02 -0500 for this transaction: I sold to victinimad.

victinimad promised payment several times, was able to comment to make lots of excuses about why she hadn't paid yet, but claimed not to be able to actually pay. At one stage she claimed to have paid but when I didn't receive anything she said it was because she "typed too fast" and misspelt my email address. Of course, this didn't actually mean she bothered resending payment. I've been far more patient than I should have been and haven't received any payment.

Negative feedback from technicolorcage on Fri, 20 Jul 2012 10:15:29 -0500 for this transaction: I participated in a GA with victinimad.

Victinimad participated in mine and espie's Candy Dice and Pose Figure GB and claimed two dice. I posted the first payment notice and did not receive their payment. Waited a few days and sent out a PM to the late payers including victinimad. They replied that they were having issues irl and said they would pay in a few days. I waited a week and sent them another PM stating that I needed payment by July 18. They replied saying that they couldn't pay until the next day, the 19th. I waited one more day. It is now the 20th and still no payment. They are banned from my future sales and GA/GBs for backing out of a sale.

Negative feedback from godudette on Thu, 19 Jul 2012 15:35:33 -0500 for this transaction: I sold to victinimad.

Items: Victini tin, Pokeball stickers

victinimad asked to purchase a Victini tin to the UK on June 29. She committed to the purchase and said payment would be sent in a few days. A couple days later she asked to add a keychain that I no longer had and would send payment the next day but she did not. A couple days later she requested the pokeball stickers to be shipped with her tin.

On July 10th, a week after I had heard from her last, I asked for an update about payment. She said school was getting in the way and she would send payment soon.

On July 18th, I told her that it was unacceptable to drag on a transaction for over 3 weeks with no payment or no deadline for payment. I told her that if she did not send payment or give a solid promise about when she would send payment I would leave negative feedback. She said she would have payment sent by the following night but that day has already passed and now she is receiving negative feedback for being a nonpaying buyer/backing out of a sale.

Positive feedback from frugrow on Sat, 14 Jul 2012 01:37:25 -0500: I sold to victinimad.

I sold my Victini movie keychain to victinimad.

They asked to hold the item and would pay at a later date which we both agreed upon, and payment was received as promised.

Negative feedback from moltres93 on Mon, 9 Jul 2012 07:58:09 -0500 for this transaction: I sold to victinimad.

Continuously changed around the order and asked for many quotes for different things before backing out. poor communication- had to wait 2+ days for each of their replies. Gave them a second chance and the exact same thing happened again. They are now banned from my sales.

Positive feedback from nasija on Fri, 6 Jul 2012 13:37:07 -0500: I participated in a GA with victinimad.

BW Clipping Set 3 GB

Communication could have been better, but they paid for there items. Thanks for making this GB a success

Neutral feedback from killmeneko on Tue, 26 Jun 2012 08:33:48 -0500 for this transaction: I sold to victinimad.

Pan sticker. Communication was not so good, but the item was paid for... this is after many occasions of this user backing out of sales/pickups.
I have no left a negative for those times, but I am leaving a neutral now, because of the circumstances.

Negative feedback from revere_go_round on Thu, 21 Jun 2012 23:13:38 -0500 for this transaction: I sold to victinimad.

On May 10 Victinimad posted that she wanted to buy several magnets. I gave her the total and she responded the same day that she wanted one thing added. She also asked if I accept haggling. I said I did, and I gave her a new total. This was on May 11.

I didn't hear anything back until May 27. She asked for a cheaper shipping method and the names from the magnet sheet itself. This wasn't a problem, so I gave her a new total. On June 7 she responded saying that she'd be paying at the end of the week or the middle of next week.

On June 15, after the time she specified passed, I asked her if she was still interested in the magnets. She said that she was and that payment would be sent over the weekend.

I hate to leave a negative, but it's June 21 now and she's said she'd pay twice, though I haven't received anything.

UPDATE: Received $15 on June 28, but it has since been refunded.

Positive feedback from slothyshroom on Sun, 3 Jun 2012 15:10:18 -0500: I sold to victinimad.

I sold: Emolga Lot
Comment:Paid promptly, nice communication, thanks for the easy transaction.

Positive feedback from killmeneko on Sun, 11 Mar 2012 20:10:12 -0500: I sold to victinimad.

Victini & Emonga items. Thank you!

Positive feedback from usakochan on Thu, 1 Mar 2012 16:50:17 -0600: I sold to victinimad.

Fantastic buyer! ♪ Can't ask for more. <3 Hope you enjoy! n____n

Positive feedback from allinia on Sat, 11 Feb 2012 20:09:30 -0600: I sold to victinimad.

Great communication, paid quickly, would gladly sell to again~! Thank you so much ♥

Positive feedback from eternal_rena on Sat, 11 Feb 2012 09:23:37 -0600: I sold to victinimad.

Emolga TTA Mascot Stamp

Paid promptly after asking for a hold. Got payment on the day I was expecting it. Good communication. Welcome again :D

Positive feedback from killmeneko on Sun, 29 Jan 2012 08:04:00 -0600 for this transaction: I sold to victinimad.

Victini changepurse & McDonald's toy, sticker. All good ^^

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